Advertise or Publish advertisment on Your Website for Free

Have you been rejected from Google Adsence & Yahoo Chitica advertisement program due to insufficient content in your website?

If you have website and searching for advertisement to get revenue from domain or want to advertise your website. Yes, you are at right place. You only need to click on the below showing button and sign up and you get discount 5$.


This is the special advertisment website which doesnot required any criteria and you can instantly register and.

After registering you can instant can publish you add on website & for advertiser advertisment also start immediately shown on website


Advertiser  Click Here



Publisher Click Here




Frequently Asked Question by Publisher

Q1.     What is minimum pay out from Bidvertiser?

Ans:   Minimum pay out you can with draw is $10 & Above


Q2.     How can I withdraw my money from bidvertiser that you earned?

Ans:   There are for type of mode of payment and their criteria of payment.


Mode Of Payment

Minimum Amount been Paid



Western Union







Q3.     Would I get all payment which I have earned?

Ans:    No, because there are two type of payment slab are made are


  1. Next Payment: This Balance is check by the Fraud Department if they receive any clue that payment generated by clicking the advertisement purposely number of time for making revenue. After the genuinity is check and the correct payment is released on the financial year on 31-Mar-XXXX (XXXX- Proceeding Year)
  2. Pending Balance: This balance can be with drawn any time with any type of mode of payment (Because this is Genuine Revenue made by Genuine Click).


Q4.        How many advertisements can I in my website or Blog?

Ans:     Number of Advertisements you can add your Website & Blog.


Q5.       How many website (Domain) can I add to my one Bidvertiser Account?

Ans:     Number of website (Domain)  you can add your Bidvertiser Account.

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