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Dropbox Backup and Restore WordPress Plugin

WordPress has several plugins for backup and restore. But this plugin which you will download from my website is not developed by me. It completely belongs to the Dropbox website and designed by them.

In 2019 the plugin came to an end from the WordPress repository by Dropbox Inc. they have stopped the plugin development and removed the old plugin from the website. I am using this plugin for 4 years since it launched and never deleted it from my website. So I have this plugin and providing you access to download the same.

Install Ajenti V web server application in centos 7

How to install Ajenti in centos os without any error at once. In this, you will replace some link which will show error.. This you can test in VMware workstation before performing on live workstation

Cheap Web Hosting



Disk Space 20 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Websites 1 Website
Mailboxes Size 250 m.b
Email Account Unlimited
FTP account Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited
Server Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM Server
24×7 Support Yes


DataServ – Web Hosting Boxbilling Hugara Theme

HTML Theme is not copyright of Yadvi Galaxy. HTMl theme have been downloaded from

The BoxBilling Order Form have been modified to become compatible with Dataserv Theme is property of Yadvi Galaxy.

This theme is available for free download and have been customised and edited for global use.

How to increase Sound of Movie to See in T.V (Television) with loud sound

The big issue is if you download video from TORRENT, YOUTUBE or any other website and copy in you PENDRIVE and connect PENDRIVE to T.V (Television) , you unable to here sound because sound quality is too low and if some buddy speak in between than not a single word you can hear.