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Dear User I will show  you to how to install window 7 in Intel processor . By the number of user it have been found that they unable to boot Window 7 in Intel Processor It show error when the Window file starting Expand during the time of Installation But that Window DVD Get easily install in AMD Processor.

This Error you get because Intel Processor Required SATA Driver In O/S which only Some of the Window 7 O/S Contain But You can solve this Problem by window XP with SATA Driver Operating System


Bpl Wap does work in some proxy Configuration had to be done to make the Morzilla and Internet Download Manager correctly Below are the Proxy that shown in the Image have to be followed to work setting.Setting Shown above enter In your P.C Suite after connection done do the proxy setting in Morzilla and Internet Download Manager.

How to Free G.P.R.S With Any Sim Card

Dear Sim Card user It is very problem to always recharge for 2G,3G or 4G balance with high amount and get very less Amount of data usage.

Now I will Show you how can you free your G.P.R.S by a simple proxy with software called Dot Proxy.

How to connect MTNL 3g With Universal Dongle

M.T.N.L 3.G take time to connect with universal dongle. so my blog will show how you can connect it and what you have to select an option to work 3.G mode

Use Operahui.apk to free Internet in Android Mobile-Content Blocked by Operator

Number of front query and back query are provided for jar or for android but it does not work in many time by Operahui Version in android mobile,Error Comes Content Blocked by Opera and everyone thinks the given information is Fake.But Now I will teach you How it’s work with a simple addition. For that you have to download the provided APK apps and for further process you have to see Below given detail



Dot Proxy Software

* Dot Proxy is a free Windows proxy software from Nizam Moidu * For Similar Software mail me * This software is NOT developed as software for free GPRS/WAP/WEB Trick * If you are using it for such purposes author of the software wont be responsible for your actions * By using this software you are Subjected to the above agreement * official blog * For proper working of this engine you need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 * download from here href=””.

How to delete Window.old

When we are upgrading from window Xp to Window 7 the folder created is known as Window.old which contains our previous window Xp data if we try to delete that folder because it use number of unwanted space but we get failed .so here are the process i will going to explain which window himself provided to delete permanently the Window.old folder without any hard word. This process is unknown by many user

Bluesoleil error Installation svrpack.dll

Bluesoliel-6 Or 2.0 and other does not Install with P.c in Window 7 .So When ever Installation Start SVRPACK.dll error come and many Other.Now There is a Trick you can Install with out any error.