Bluetooth Software for Terabyte Bluetooth Hardware & for Other Bluetooth Hardware

Dear Terabyte Bluetooth Hardware or other company Bluetooth hardware user who does not have software got from their Bluetooth packet or box. The main thing is that without hardware you cannot use multi-feature of Bluetooth and if you will search in google you will find the number of application. But the problem is all software have limited to 2 Feature only and Bluetooth have unlimited feature.

Then how to use this unlimited feature, the problem is that their no software to use an unlimited feature.

But you can use almost 8 feature of bluetooth which we are using in our daily activity

Eight Feature of Bluetooth Hardware


  1. Dial up connection
  2. Streaming media share & Playing
  3. File Transfer
  4. Picture (Images) Synchronization
  5. Contact Backup & Restore
  6. Connect with any Mobile, Bluetooth Mouse ,Keyboard, Printer ,Etc. (connect with any bluetooth modem)
  7. Delete, Summorize , Filter Content of Memory Card by Mobile Bluetooth
  8. Connect 5 bluetooth user at same time.

The software is of Bluesoleil Company, this company provide himself a bluetooth hardware and also provide his own build software which can be used any other company bluetooth hardware and it will ful support any hardware.

I will provide the licence version of bluesoleil company old version of software .But you can download the latest version if you get from other website or torrent.




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