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How to bypass firewall to unblock restricted website by school & Company in Firefox

In Moderate Company number of website is blocked due to company privacy policy. Due to privacy policy company use Firewall modem to block all computer custom website under one control. Due to this website of Social site, Shopping, Porn website, Recharge Website, Bank Website and etc.You can bypass internet without any restriction for this ssee full post….

Unable to Delete Folder in Window O/S

The Great problem when you cant delete the folder made in your window operating system and to delete that folder it ask administrative authentication. So its not a big problem.You can easily solve this problem by CMD. CMD the big solution for a big problem which a software or other manual function fails to solve.


Dear User it is very easy to shift your web site from one hosting to another hosting.I will provide you detail knowledge. It will look like little hard but procedure is very simple .Please read the notification and requirement carefully.If any thing is missing it will be hard to guaranty you that you can restore with out error.So follow it carefully.

Procedure is same for Window Hosting and Linux Hosting only difference is control panel but the home directory and SQL Database is same.



Bpl Wap does work in some proxy Configuration had to be done to make the Morzilla and Internet Download Manager correctly Below are the Proxy that shown in the Image have to be followed to work setting.Setting Shown above enter In your P.C Suite after connection done do the proxy setting in Morzilla and Internet Download Manager.

How to Free G.P.R.S With Any Sim Card

Dear Sim Card user It is very problem to always recharge for 2G,3G or 4G balance with high amount and get very less Amount of data usage.

Now I will Show you how can you free your G.P.R.S by a simple proxy with software called Dot Proxy.

How to connect MTNL 3g With Universal Dongle

M.T.N.L 3.G take time to connect with universal dongle. so my blog will show how you can connect it and what you have to select an option to work 3.G mode