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How to deactivate all uninor vas service instantly


Uninor sim card user not need to call customer care for any vad deactivation. Now they can deactivate all vas services from their mobile and instantly.
Deactivation procedure is very simple and easy to use for service deactivation.see the full post

Solved: Google play not working but other application working with internet

Dear user now I will going to explain why Google play not work but other application work with Internet.This problem are only faced by root android user because with root you can install any unauthorised app which is restricted in Google play.

The latest update in Google play is that if any one try to access it forcibly that means if any one try to hack or crack Google play to purchase the application free .Then in order to save it from forcibly used, Google play generate a command which block it self to use Internet so that is cannot be used to get hack. See the process Click here

Want to activate calling feature of whatsapp after update of App

With the growing feature of whatapp calling every want to test it but the main problem is that no buddy can activate it with out any once request.And that request can be send by only the person who have the whataspp calling feature.

How to Flash Samsung GT S6102 with its Original Firmware Rom without computer (P.C)

All Samsung Gt S6102 after uploading the custom ROM when they want to flash their mobile with original ROM that can be done with computer only but unable to do because their driver does not deduct in computer.

See the post to see how to flash mobile with of P.C

How to Flash Samsung GT S6102 with its Original Firmware Rom


Dear GT S6102 I will going to show to how to flash your original firmware ROM of Samsung GT S6102 if your phone get brick or you want  to again change your custom ROM to Original Firmware ROM.

Bluetooth Software for Terabyte Bluetooth Hardware & for Other Bluetooth Hardware

Dear Terabyte Bluetooth Hardware or other company bluetooth hardware user who does not have software got from their bluetooth packet or box.The main thing is that with out hardware you cannot use multi feature of bluetooth and if you will search in google you will find number of application .But the problem is all software have limited to 2 Feature only and bluetooth have unlimited feature.

Here is the software for bluetooth.

Blue Whatsapp Plus Apk Xda MOD Version By Rafalense






A MOD Version of Whatsapp+ launched by Rafalense.This Application conation number of option than the original application of Whatsapp.The original version have been modified and made into with number of option which you can turn on or off.This modded version of Whatsapp+ contain number of theme and color and you can also hide or unhide the blue tick.The Great work done by Rafalense the Text size can be adjusted as per the preference.


It is bit difficult to to restore backup of clockworkmod which you created of your original firmware of your mobile and you will not find any easy solution from any website which i will going to explain you in produce.Only this is the easy way which will take to restore your backup.for this you have to download the required to download the file from this website given bottom of the page.Download the file and see the image for the process.


Dear user during the process of flash the original O/S of Micromax A62 required the Flashing tool but the main problem is that during time of .PAC selected it show FDL1 must be selected and further no process is getting continued. This is because the file you download is corrupted .Now i will provide the correct Flashing tool which will he you to flash your Micromax A62 with out any error.


I have my self tested the software and for the proof i have attached the pic during the peocess have took.In this you can also see the process how to select the O/S with Flashing tool.