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After So long it has been, the back query of MTNL was blocked which is ?idd= and this made the user very sad but now no waiting any more i have provided the new back query and all the procedure of free MTNL 3G GPRS will be same which was previously used.But for your convenience I will provide all the procedure again .

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How to Flash Samsung GT S6102 with its Original Firmware Rom without computer (P.C)

All Samsung Gt S6102 after uploading the custom ROM when they want to flash their mobile with original ROM that can be done with computer only but unable to do because their driver does not deduct in computer.

See the post to see how to flash mobile with of P.C

How to Flash Samsung GT S6102 with its Original Firmware Rom


Dear GT S6102 I will going to show to how to flash your original firmware ROM of Samsung GT S6102 if your phone get brick or you want  to again change your custom ROM to Original Firmware ROM.

How to bypass firewall to unblock restricted website by school & Company in Firefox

In Moderate Company number of website is blocked due to company privacy policy. Due to privacy policy company use Firewall modem to block all computer custom website under one control. Due to this website of Social site, Shopping, Porn website, Recharge Website, Bank Website and etc.You can bypass internet without any restriction for this ssee full post….

Bluetooth Software for Terabyte Bluetooth Hardware & for Other Bluetooth Hardware

Dear Terabyte Bluetooth Hardware or other company bluetooth hardware user who does not have software got from their bluetooth packet or box.The main thing is that with out hardware you cannot use multi feature of bluetooth and if you will search in google you will find number of application .But the problem is all software have limited to 2 Feature only and bluetooth have unlimited feature.

Here is the software for bluetooth.

Super Fast Free Webhosting Ever is one of the biggest free web hosting provider.It himself not provide the free have number of client who provide the space as will get number of extra feature in this hosting which is not provided by other hosting.