Dropbox Backup and Restore WordPress Plugin

WordPress has several plugins for backup and restore. But this plugin which you will download from my website is not developed by me. It completely belongs to the Dropbox website and designed by them.

In 2019 the plugin came to an end from the WordPress repository by Dropbox Inc. they have stopped the plugin development and removed the old plugin from the wrodpres.org website. I am using this plugin for 4 years since it launched and never deleted it from my website. So I have this plugin and providing you access to download the same.

This plugin still works and easy to connect the plugin with the dropbox website within a minute without any professional knowledge. Check all processes.

Dropbox Back And Restore Plugin Process

1. Upload the plugin on WordPress manually and open plugin from this option.

2. Click on connect to Dropbox Option and Pop will get open of Dropbox page. Then log in to you Dropbox page which will connect with Dropbox server to plugin to Create and Restore Backup

3. You will get authorization code, Copy that code and save in dropbox plugin.

4. Paste in AUTH CODE in Plugin  and Click on Get Access Token

5. You can see Dropbox got connected and now create back.

Download Dropbox Back And Restore Plugin