How to delete Window.old

When we are upgrading from window Xp to Window 7 the folder created is known as Window.old which contains our previous window Xp data if we try to delete that folder because it use number of unwanted space but we get failed .so here are the process i will going to explain which window himself provided to delete permanently the Window.old folder without any hard word. This process is unknown by many user See the Picture How to delete the Window.old Folder and follow the process as per the number enter with the process

1.Open Your Explorer and right click on the C: Driver to get the Properties Option and than click on Properties option as Shown in Picture below

2.After Clicking on Properties you will get Dick Cleanup Butten and you have to click on that as Shown in Picture Below


3. After  Clicking on Disk Cleanup and then Tick Mark on Downloaded Program File and Temporary Internet Files and Then Click on Clean up System Files as Shown in Picture Below

4.After Clicking on Clean Up System File New Option will Open in that Tick Mark on all the Tab of Disk Clean Up and Press Ok as Shown in Picture Below


5.After Clicking on Ok Then option will come Delete Files and Then Click that Button and your Window.old will be deleted



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