How to Free G.P.R.S With Any Sim Card

Dear Sim Card user It is very problem to always recharge for 2G,3G or 4G balance with high amount and get very less Amount of data usage.

Now I will Show you how can you free your G.P.R.S by a simple proxy with software called Dot Proxy.


  • I will not disclose any direct detail of any Sim which you can hack. I will show only the process which will Help you much in all of your life time
  • I will not include any Sim Card company name But i will referred Sim card as YADVISIM.


  • Your YADVISIM Balance should be Zero.
  • First you have to connect the YADVISIM CARD with Dongle Or Mobile by dial up access point connection or by Tethering the android mobile to P.C.
  • After Your YADVISIM Card got connected to P.C run DOT Proxy (You can download it From Here)



  • You should have free site provided by YADVISIM Card Company which can be  or it can be Sim Card Company's web site login page or any Downloading software link which will work at zero balance .(For eg. AIRTEl Sim Card company give airtel live free or free at zero balance). The same free website you have to check in Your Sim Card.
  • If you get the free website: for eg. (which open free at YADVISIM Card at zero balance)
  • Then you have to check the I.P Address In any website For ex. as shown in the Picture Below.
  • 1.

  • 2.



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