How to hack WIFI PASSWORD With Application Without Survey (Dumper App)

After long search in Google and Youtube video I reached to one of the Youtube uploader who uploaded his video with an application process how to get neighbours WIFI Password.

This Marvelous thing is you have not to use any dictionary attack or use any command or code with long description to steal neighbour password

The Poor thing is that he does not have any views with the marvelous video post.

So I decided to explore his video and explain in simpler manner.

When I tried it and I was amazed to see application worked and I got neighbour's password with only few step that I have done only installed the application and click on start button.

I decided to post this process because this software supports all type of WIFI modem to get other password. I am so shore because I am using WIFI Universal dongle .once I decided to crack neighbour password by aircrack-ng   application in window O/S my modem was detected by application but unable to process because it required dictionary list to process same. So then I installed Kali linux to avoid dictionary attack but then problem I faced was my modem WIFI detected but the driver REALTEK of modem not deducted and after long research in some blogs it was guided to use router.

But by this Application name dumper which help to Crack password with my WIFI dongle. You can see the image below of my dongle .you don’t required router.

There is little extra you have to follow after installing all the application you can see in the image and after follow the video

Download Application

Youtube Video Tutorial to Crack password

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