How to secure your wordpress based website from hackers


Now bruteforce of wordpress website have become most common problem for the owner of website who have build their website with wordpress.

WHY and HOW your website is getting hack?

Kali O/S have the basic fearture to bruteforce any website database and it Login form( login form is the Wp-admin login for admin), Kali O/S is been used by the hacked to target the country to show their aggressiveness against another country or to test their hacking skill.

There are some methods to secure your website i have divided in compulsory and no compulsory.Compulsory methods must to follow

Procedure to secure your website

1. Make your website to https because https the secure method to hide the website weakness from hackers.(Google have increase the ranking for the website who serves their website link https).

2. Install security plugin who will block the bruteforce IP adress instantly (Plugin for Eg.Wordfence )

3. Add your website with Cloudflare . Cloudflare provide free SSL certrificate and make your website https:// and you dont need to by SSL certificate.

4. Install Plugin Limit Login Attempts which reduce the logion attempts. If any buddy try to enter wrong password then that IP will get blocked.

Youtube Procedure to secure your website

VIDEO BEST VIEW IN Morzilla firefox or SEE from link–iwwi8-qM

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