It is bit difficult to to restore backup of clockworkmod which you created of your original firmware of your mobile and you will not find any easy solution from any website which i will going to explain you in produce.Only this is the easy way which will take to restore your backup.for this you have to download the required to download the file from this website given bottom of the page.Download the file and see the image for the process.

I have attached the images and tutorial text for you to get easy understand the process if you find any diffilculty than you can mail me and or post the comment i will reply you back


1.When you Create backup with Clockworkmod a folder is created in the memory card .So copy the folder in P.C.See the folder in the Image.

2. Click on The Clockworkmod file , The you will go to backup folder and click it

3.Then click on the Date folder on which date and day you created the file .I have created on 2014-05- .So i have clicked on this.

4.You will see system rar file So extract it in same folder

5.After system.rfs extracted .Then remove the .rfs name