Solved: Google play not working but other application working with internet

Dear user now I will going to explain why Google play not work but other application work with Internet.This problem are only faced by root android user because with root you can install any unauthorised app which is restricted in Google play.

The latest update in Google play is that if any one try to access it forcibly that means if any one try to hack or crack Google play to purchase the application free .Then in order to save it from forcibly used, Google play generate a command which block it self to use Internet so that is cannot be used to get hack.

Do you know where the comand is generated .The command is generated in Hosts File and It is used for VPN or Blocking several IP Address.

Read the Detail in WIKiPEDIA about the Host and its serval Information Click to Read

This is the universal IP Used by all opearting system to connect itself from other operating system  localhost

Now if you want to delete the IP Address which is written on Hosts File to unblock the google play application you need to download the Hosts Editor.

See the process to know what should be deleted and what should not be deleted.Please be careful dont delete the above given universal IP



See the Process

Google Play Snap When It Show Error


The Process to delete the command

Select all the command except the first one which is very important

i.e:  localhost

Then delete all selected item

Process Completed now check your Google play and try to avoid the hacking and cracking app which modify the Google play

Download Hosts Editor Application


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