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Solved: Google play not working but other application working with internet

Dear user now I will going to explain why Google play not work but other application work with Internet.This problem are only faced by root android user because with root you can install any unauthorised app which is restricted in Google play.

The latest update in Google play is that if any one try to access it forcibly that means if any one try to hack or crack Google play to purchase the application free .Then in order to save it from forcibly used, Google play generate a command which block it self to use Internet so that is cannot be used to get hack. See the process Click here

How to Flash Samsung GT S6102 with its Original Firmware Rom


Dear GT S6102 I will going to show to how to flash your original firmware ROM of Samsung GT S6102 if your phone get brick or you want  to again change your custom ROM to Original Firmware ROM.

How to bypass firewall to unblock restricted website by school & Company in Firefox

In Moderate Company number of website is blocked due to company privacy policy. Due to privacy policy company use Firewall modem to block all computer custom website under one control. Due to this website of Social site, Shopping, Porn website, Recharge Website, Bank Website and etc.You can bypass internet without any restriction for this ssee full post…. Free Hosting is Recoverable with Other Free Hosting

Dear X50X.Us Hosting user.It is very sad to know that due to expiration of Hosting you all have loosed your domain.But the main problem is you cannot recover off all of you file & Database File.But the problem is now solved and you can get you Hosting back and you can run your website again.This is how for this see Full PAGE…



A very simple solution for the GSM Android user. The Android Mobile old version or the Cheap China Android Mobile who have only GSM facility and does not contain the 3G in their Mobile .Now they can also access 3G in their mobile with a simpler but useful app.


Old phone who does not have enough memory to install HIDE application.Now you can hide video from MX Player scan with out any application installed in it .And no root is required for it .It only contain coded file which support your video get scan from MX Player and you can save your personal video in folder with out any problem.